Bikes, Street Food, and Friends in Hanoi

I was always slightly apprehensive about venturing the streets on my own in search for truly authentic, unbeatable, non-touristy, street food. I guess it’s the same with most people – the best way to know a culture is to eat its food.

I’ve been to Hanoi before, but never been on a bike on its infamous roads. I’ve had my fair share of pho, but never tried lesser-known street foods. When the opportunity to merge these two experiences came, Hanoi cannot miss it!

The riders and guides for the night are university students. Many of them are majoring in Tourism and Hospitality, so this street food bike tour is also an opportunity for them (as much as it was for me) to put into practice the theories learnt, develop their confidence in speaking English to foreigners, and earn some extra income while studying.

They brought us to their favourite parts of Hanoi, and sites of historical significance for the locals.

With our biker buddies
where we learnt about the myths behind Hanoi’s famed lakes
the French Quarter

Other than pho, which is a must, we had these fried spring rolls which were sooo good. Being an Asian already exposed to the beauty of spring rolls, the ones we had on the trip were way better than any I’ve had!

Magical fried spring rolls!

Having an assorted fruit bowl mixed with evaporated milk on tiny stools at the side of the road, with a new bunch of Hanoian friends was one of the best parts of the trip. They shared their struggles in school and relationships, aspirations for the future, favourite rock bands and movies; we slightly older (although not necessarily wiser) folks also shared our own life experiences, and those even older, were able to give some words of advice.

fruit bowls on stools – the best way to have fruits! 

The exchanges of food, culture, experiences, and facebook contacts, was one of the biggest takeaway of my latest trip to Hanoi. If you want to experience the real Hanoi lifestyle, eat the best local food, and make new friends, give the motorbike street food tour (whether in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City) featured on Actxplorer, a chance 🙂

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Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.37.17 PM
Hang and I, on her white bike 

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