About Us

Actxplorer is a travel platform that brings locals and travelers together to engage in one of a kind experiences that create a positive social impact on local communities.

Our mission is to create opportunities for travelers and locals alike to participate in unique experiences, as well as to collaborate in any social-related projects that benefit the locals and local communities.

We at Actxplorer are a team passionate about social impact. We work with many NGOs, social enterprises, and communities around our region, by being an avenue for them to gain access to the tourism market and also as a connector to resources needed for them to grow.

For a visual illustration of what we do, check out our simple introduction video 🙂

Actxplorer originates from two words – Act + Explore. It is a combination of two passions: acts of doing good and the joy of exploring! We believe that while travelers seek fun and excitement in new overseas adventures, it is the meaning behind the experience that eventually gives them a deeper sense of fulfilment and joy. That is why it is always our aim to create fun and exciting activities that enable travelers to support positive social causes.

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Support for the people


Through dedicated support and training, our team works hand in hand with the locals to develop the necessary skills to empower them to become successful hosts. By providing non-English speaking local hosts with translators, we are able to break the language barrier and enable these locals to gain access to the tourism market.

Our Pledge to Serve


In today’s world, resources and aid are abundant, but champions for a social cause are hard to come by. That is why as connectors, we promise to provide assistance to anyone who desires to tackle the issues of our world, to help meet the needs of the local communities, and aid in their economic growth. This, we believe, creates better ways of sustainable living for all.


The safety of you and our hosts is always a number one priority, that is why we constantly ensure that our experiences meet strict safety standards. In the unlikely event of an emergency or accident, our hosts will follow the directed protocol to ensure your safety.