Actxplorer & Schools

Collaborate in sustainable development projects

Actxplorer is continually partnering with more social enterprises (SEs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the region to develop new projects, and many of which involves improving the livelihood of local communities through infrastructural and skills upgrade for more effective entrepreneurship.

In Singapore, we are blessed with schools that equip us with many skills and infrastructure including English language, financial literacy, health and hygiene, art & design, computer technology, and more! Explore the opportunities your institution or student group can contribute in to our existing projects, through imparting local communities with these skills in person or, through the assistance of technology, real-time offsite. Contact us for enquiries and opportunities.

Cultural learning actxperiences & exposure to social entrepreneurship

For educators who are looking for unique and authentic actxperiences for students to learn about the Southeast Asian region, consider embarking on a trip with Actxplorer to visit our partnering SEs and NGOs. We customise our trips for schools to meet specific objective(s) in OViA / service-learning, cultural exchange and immersion, and even learning in Geography / History according to their syllabuses. Contact us for enquiries and sample itineraries.

Related talks

As part of our effort to inspire the next generation in supporting sustainable development in the region, our team is also constantly seeking opportunities in giving talks to students on topics such as social entrepreneurship, sustainable tourism, and poverty alleviation in Southeast Asia. We are also dedicated to running pre-trip workshops for our partnering schools to better prepare students, parents and teachers for their outbound trips. Contact us for enquiries and talks.

Actxplorer is also a partner of Transformational Business Network Asia (TBN Asia), a not-for-profit network of social businesses focused on alleviating poverty in Southeast Asia through entrepreneurship. More information on the organization can be found on their website here.